The Practice

Our goal is your smile!

studio dentistico rotunno

Our work is aimed at the patient's total health and satisfaction.

A proper diagnosisis the starting point for a proper treatment plan: this is achieved by a careful clinical examination and the execution of endoscopic radiographs with RVG (RadioVideoGrafie), equipment that provides an immediate digital image of the mouth by exposing the patient to a tiny dose of radiation.

Diode Laser

The diode laser makes it possible to perform a variety of oral soft tissue treatments in as little a traumatic manner for the patient. It provides: frenulectomy and frenulotomy, treatment of gingival and benign mucous neoformations, hemangiomas, gingivalctomy, gingivoplasty and decontamination of periodontal pockets, as well as dentinal desensitisation and dental bleaching.

Dental Emergencies

Among the numerous services provided by the Rotunno Dentistry Studio, one of the most useful services is our dental emergency service, which is active 24-hours a day for emergency situations, providing immediate and rapid assistance to any kind of dental emergency.

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