What we do

cura dei denti

In our  practice, we make a range of dentistry treatments available to our patients:

Oral hygiene. Our dental hygienist performs decontamination and tooth whitening treatments and offers customised home oral hygiene advice and instructions to ensure the results obtained in the chair last a long time.

Pediatric dentistry. Children visit us from school age. This is to ensure early prevention of cavities, with an oral hygiene education programme, and to intercept skeletal-functional problems. We welcome children in our relaxed and friendly dental practice.

Orthodontics and Gnatology. Malaclusions are treated according to the best therapeutic possibilities, including fixed, removable or both devices, selected according to the specific problem (dental, skeletal and functional).

Oral Surgery. Simple, complicated extractions (as in the case of devitalized teeth or anchilated teeth) and surgical (which require the execution of a flap, such as fractured roots or teeth) are performed.

Conservative. Perform functional and aesthetic restoration of teeth affected by cavities or fractured as a result of trauma.

Endodontics. Endodontic treatment is performed in the compromised tooth irreversibly and consists of emptying the of the vital part of the tooth, to remove infection and then sealing the root canal with a special filling material.

Implantology. Implants are nothing but screws that are inserted into the maxillary bones: once osteoclasts can act as artificial roots, to which single capsules can be anchored (in the case of replacement of lost individual elements) or entire arches (in the case of total rehabilitation) .

Prosthesis. Fixed or removable prosthetic solutions are performed, total or partial, depending on the patient's clinical condition and needs. Capsules can be made of Ceramic or Ceramic Metal (zirconia).

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